Nothing but a Dreamer

sunset-2I’m not sure if its an age related thing (I am coming up to the big 4-0 next year) or a mummy thing but just before conceiving the twins and even more so now I feel a real desire to ‘achieve’ something…make my mark in life.  I know that all you passionate mummas out there are probably thinking…”you have achieved something!!”  People who know me know that I would never down play the role of a mother but lets face it I am more than a mum, wife, daughter, friend….I’m just not quite sure what makes me me.

Perhaps this is part of my reason for blogging….searching for different ways to express myself, looking at what could be some of my strengths, attempting to connect with other like-minded people and expanding my community.

A quote by Bruce Wilkinson from his book ‘The Dream Giver,’ “you may not be able to describe it.  You may have forgotten it.  You may even no longer believe in it.  But it’s there.”  This is talking about dreams that we all have from my favourite inspirational read at the moment.

It seems no easy feat to discover my dream.  I questioned my mum about what I enjoyed playing/doing as a child (in the hopes to finding that perfect fit) and she told me I enjoyed anything involving bossing people around!

Haha!!!  Well I guess in that case I’m living it.

Does anyone else feel in limbo?  If you’re living your dream was it easy to discover?

One of my dreams has been to see my children live out their dreams.  Another dream of mine which was recently fulfilled twice over was to have another child and I am truly having a blast with this whole experience.

Yet I still can’t help feeling deeply compelled to discover what other dreams I may have. Perhaps this is how God designed us….to keep on dreaming.

Anyone with young children, especially multi mums, know how easy it is to get caught up in all our mummy duties but I think having goals and passions is a necessity so we don’t loose who we are.

I know this is a bit of a deep post but I can’t help but reflect on this and what better place to express myself than here.  I really believe God didn’t put us here to simply just exist.

Keep on dreaming 🙂