My purpose behind blogging is to share my journey as a twin mum in all its challenges and glory.  However, although not ‘twin’ related, I don’t feel I can do another post without firstly paying tribute to my nephew who tragically passed away last month.

The day I got the news will forever be etched into my memory.  My body shook with the shock and disbelief as I attempted to make sense of what I had just heard, praying for Corey’s safety in the hopes that the news I had just received was wrong.

Corey oozed optimism, fun, charisma and a passion for life and wasn’t afraid to take on challenges.  He could relate to any age group and never felt threatened by people’s uniqueness but rather showed acceptance and tolerance to everyone he came in contact with.  He believed in people and thrived on building up others.

His vivacious character was displayed very early in his life and his extremely talkative and imaginative nature could be just as frustrating as it was beautiful.  Corey’s lavish stories provided much entertainment for the rest of his family, especially his cousins, no matter how far-fetched.

Corey’s cheeky sense of humour was only emphasized with his husky voice and range of character expressions that he pulled off so effortlessly.  Although he was accepted into the Navy, which he no doubt would’ve excelled in, I could see him more suited as perhaps an entertainer, salesman, mentor or preacher.  His strong faith was the backbone for his boldness and courage although sadly his full potential didn’t have time to fully shine as his life was cut short.

He touched so many people’s lives in his brief earthly existence of 19 years, especially his family who all deeply loved and adored the blonde haired, blue eyed, incredible man in the making.

The day I viewed Corey’s lifeless shell was confronting and strangely therapeutic.  His pale, ice-cold body was a stark comparison to the once charismatic, full of life character that I knew and loved.

Knowing the deathly decision that was the cause is hard to swallow but the peace that I feel with the assurance that Corey is rejoicing in Heaven helps to heal the pain although never replacing the void of his presence in our family.

Signed proud Aunty ❤❤❤

3 thoughts on “Corey

  1. Anonymous says:

    That is the most beautiful tribute. You are such a special lady. So well articulated and honouring of a beautiful young man who I knew and loved as a little boy. Corey shared the gospel with his friends and we know he touched countless lives. Xx


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