Toddlers Times Two

My situation was somewhat contained pre-crawling and walking and crazily enough this mumma of 5 was actually waiting impatiently for the day her twins could crawl and walk.

You would’ve thought I remembered the chaos of attempting to contain toddlers from my previous kids.  Perhaps the big age gap lured me into a false sense of security in eager anticipation for what had been wiped from my memory.

Almost 16 months on and my bubbas are walking.  In the beginning it was so exciting to watch, they looked absolutely adorable doing their clumsy totter across the floor whilst we showered them in our praises.  I blindly believed that things would perhaps become a little easier….

Well I was wrong!!

Along with the cutsie drunken wobble is the feisty attitude wrapped up in a delicious ball of chunky arms and legs…the full blown tantrums and unrealistic demands that come from toddlers.

No more ‘situation contained,’ now it’s more like ‘high alert.’

You want to have us over for coffee??….Great, any excuse to get out and about but be warned your house will be scrutinized, and not by me.  Any interesting objects hidden or displayed are ripe for the picking with twin toddlers on the loose.  And that forgotten dog turd in the backyard will soon be a glorious discovery for my little humans.

There is now no such thing as a nice relaxed catch up with friends.  If I have a moment of weakness and drop my guard then those cupboards will be emptied, the toilet investigated, makeup eaten and tampons chewed on.

Yep, this is toddler-hood.  I reckon I could forgo my gym membership and purely rely on carting these two around everywhere, one under each arm, as I’m constantly scooping them up from the many temptations.

Today, feeling somewhat up for a challenge I decided to take the girls to see my work colleagues.  After all the girls are oh so cute so gotta’ share the love.  The first 5 minutes were relaxed and uneventful but it didn’t take long before the rows of desk drawers proved to interesting for the twins to pass up.  Managing to distract from the looming disaster of fingers jammed in drawers with a random plush toy and my keys I was able to buy another 5 minutes of blissful adult interaction.

However it wasn’t long before a brief scrap between the girls fighting over a printer led to Miss Ivy sinking her teeth into Miss Scarlett’s marshmallow white soft chubby arm causing her to let off the most intense scream.  My poor bubba was shocked and devastated and my many attempts to console her seemed to only encourage more screams and tears.  Clearly Scarlett had no concern for the fact that this is an office where there is business calls being made.

This was my cue to leave the building or how I like to put it ‘abort mission.’

However, despite the high risk involved with twin toddler outings I will go on!  I will fight for my freedom!! 👊

On a brighter note….they are so entertaining, never a dull moment in our house 😁😍

Anyhow time to sign off and enjoy the last half hour of tranquility before the twins awake and we have to go back into lock-down mode.


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