The Twins are One!!

We celebrated the girls first birthday over the weekend and wow what a year it has been!! They have bought so much joy to our family and are absolutely adorable, I can’t imagine our family without them.  Do I miss my freedom?…..yes.  Am I at times a little freaked out at the whole idea of ‘mummy-ing’ again….yes.  But these are pretty normal thoughts…aren’t they??

I couldn’t help but ponder the old cliche “surviving the first year,” a saying which every twin mum relates to.  I really believed that although having twins has its obvious challenges, me being a seasoned mum would breeze through this first year.  Well I clearly underestimated the strains of “twinning it.”

The first year is HARD WORK!  Forget about being that mum sitting in the cafe discreetly breastfeeding her little bundle of joy….the first 3 months where I did breastfeed was a circus act that I definitely couldn’t pull off in public.  There are no little cutesy outings with a baby casually hanging on my hip, its pack a suitcase and make sure there is double of everything.  My pram is an absolute necessity because I can’t hold two babies and a purse let alone a couple of items from the supermarket as well.  If one baby decides to ball their eyes out  when I’m out I literally panic at the thought of both of them loosing it. Thankfully I have only been in this situation a handful of times.  This is where being armed with milk, snacks and toys is vital and of course one of their older siblings if possible.

If both girls have been put to bed and one wakes up during the night then it’s time to get my ‘ninja’ on and swoop that baby out of the bedroom before she disturbs the other one. Who am I kidding….I unashamedly admit that I usually try and sleep through their cries and my hubby tends to them (that man is an absolute legend).  But during their day sleep I am ‘ninja’ all the way.

All the craziness aside I have generally been up for a challenge and find it quite boring living the status quo…however that looks.  This past year has been a time of reflection for me of how I parented in the past and what I would like to do differently this time round.  It has also been a time of assessing how my life looks and what direction I want it to head in for myself and as a family.

Although this has been an extremely hard year it has also been alot of fun.  I have met other amazing ‘twin’ mums and done my best to still get out of the house at least every couple of days for my sanity.

This mumma is livin’ the dream….at least that’s how I like to look at it.


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