Super Mum….if only

super hero

Super heroes (taken a few years ago now)

I don’t think I have ever exercised as much as I do now without even leaving the house.  I’m not referring to jumping on the treadmill or doing weights in the comfort of my own home, instead I am constantly up and down, swapping babies from one play toy to the next, changing nappies, hanging washing, cleaning the kitchen, cooking dinner not to mention being available for my older children and husband.  I’m not having a boo-hoo moment its just an observation.

Sometimes when I am in this mode of running around the house and checking things off my list I almost feel like I can do anything….that probably lasts about 2 hours before last nights lack of sleep catches up on me and the early morning hit of caffeine wears off.

Multi-parents I take my hat off to you!!  This is no easy feat, definitely not ‘a walk in the park.’  As much as I am enjoying being a mum of twins I truly cherish their nap times….when their nap times are in sync that is.  At times I feel guilty when I reminisce to the days when life was easier, when I could leave the house without packing copious amounts of nappies and when car trips were peaceful.  Sitting down to a HOT cup of coffee is somewhat of a privilege now and usually only a once a week event (which I cherish).

Popping into the shop wearing one baby on my hip isn’t an option most of the time.  Actually there really isn’t any ‘popping’ into the shops these days, it is now an all out half day event.  My little miss Ivy doesn’t always enjoy the pram which means I sometimes end up holding her whilst pushing Scarlett…try adding doing the actual shopping to this mix and its a little crazy.  In the early days going to the shops was a fearful experience for me….what if they both start crying, what will I do??  who will help me??  It was easier to stay at home most of the time until my husband got home from work and he could watch them.

It’s amazing how much I took basic freedoms for granted.

But it is starting to get a bit easier….now that they are 7 months old they are beginning to entertain themselves.  They also give me cuddles and kisses and beautiful smiles.

twins may 16

Maybe I was having a boo-hoo moment!  But its OK….. I am no Super Mum but at least I know that I am my twins hero.

Wouldn’t change being a twin mum for anything.

Forever grateful xxx


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