Fist Pump Moments

fist pump

In the first couple of weeks of being a twin mum my ‘fist pump’ moments consisted of brushing my teeth before 11am or getting a 20 minute cat nap during the day.  As my girls have gotten that bit older these moments have changed.

I call it ‘fist pump’ moments because when I am on a role or ‘in the zone’ and everything feels like it is falling into place I have my little imaginary ‘high five’ or even a victory dance.  Being a bit of a control freak means that having these moments brings a sense of normalcy into my already hectic life, a feeling that I’ve got this, that I am achieving something.

This morning I was up nice and early (that’s pretty much every morning), I gave the twins their bottles, changed them, did 2 loads of washing, chucked a whole lot of ingredients into the slow cooker for dinner, cleaned the kitchen and then dropped my 16 year old off at school.  I was on a role and determined to get to playgroup even if it meant upsetting the girls sleeping routine for the morning.

Getting out of the door by 9.30am with the twins is quite an achievement so I rewarded myself with a ‘maccas’ cappuccino so that I could get through the next step of going to playgroup without one of my older daughters to assist me.  Once I was there amongst the chaos, which is typical of a ‘multis’ playgroup, I was reminded that I am not alone.  Hearing stories from the other mums that I could relate to and sharing our highs and lows as well as enjoying all the antics that comes with the territory of having twins.

I lasted about an hour at playgroup before it was time to head home as to not miss the next opportunity for some ‘me’ time as the twins settled for their nap.

My ‘fist pump’ moments may not be major feats but to me they are my gold stars, my little achievements that gives me strength for the next day and the challenging moments where things aren’t all smooth sailing.




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